Case Study: Uncovering $36,420 in New Restaurant Delivery Sales (70 Day Campaign)

Case Study: Uncovering $36,420 in New Restaurant Delivery Sales (70 Day Campaign)

Client: Mad Chicken – 

Industry: Restaurants 

Year: 2022

The Challenge

How can Mad Chicken generate more orders and activate the city of Green Bay, WI– their newest 2 locations (out of 7 at the time of this report)?

Our Solution

Focus on the growing online delivery market (estimated to be 130.2 billion US dollars in 2022).

In this study, we focused primarily on the Uber Eats platform. One thing to note is that, we did not spend on paid advertising campaigns each day of the 70-day campaign- at some points, we were only running offers. At no point did the offers ever include FREE food.

Broker deals with Uber Eats to split/ offset some of the spending Mad Chicken would need to put in to begin advertising.

Enact a ‘happy hour’ of sorts to cater to the pre-lunch special, not only to drive additional sales but get the staff in ‘work’ mode for the rest of the day.

Encourage customers who have never eaten at Mad Chicken to try by offering rewards that are both within reach, but also take consumer effort and menu exploration.

Reply to consumers that left feedback (both negative and positive).

The Results (70 Day Campaign)

  • 768 new customers placed orders for the very first time
  • $36,420 in additional revenue generated solely from campaigns
  • 1,317 campaign redemptions
  • 0 entrees, appetizers, or product given out for free
  • 4.1x ROI on comments replied to after both positive and negative experiences 

  • After A/B testing ‘Free Delivery’ at 2/7 locations more than 10 miles apart of each other, we noticed an increase of 26% in total orders (on average, per location).
    • Shortly after, ‘Free Delivery’ was rolled out across all locations with a spend split (privately brokered by Raging Agency) between Mad Chicken and Uber Eats and the lowest result was still an 11% increase.

Words From the Client

“There’s no doubt in my mind Raging Agency is consistently putting out great marketing solutions. Always ahead of the curve and I appreciate the ROI, data-driven results.” - Mohamed Elkady (Partner, Mad Chicken)



Next Steps

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