Case Study: Auto Detailer Jumps 53% in Sales in 12 Months with Raging Agency

Case Study: Auto Detailer Jumps 53% in Sales in 12 Months with Raging Agency

Client: Detail Doctors -

Industry: Automotive, Detailing

Year: 2021-2022

The Challenge

The automotive detail shop has a great location but is being passed on by its lack of design and digital footprint. It had been operating for over 2 years, primarily through social media platforms, and had no way to generate sales outside of business hours. Some scheduling platforms were used, but they limited users on rescheduling, canceling, and often left out FAQs.

  • Struggling to capture customers
  • Struggling to generate sales outside of storefront business hours
  • Struggling to turn customers into word-of-mouth marketing network

Our Solution

It started with giving the entire brand a facelift both online and the actual building itself (new paint, new floors, new logo, new website). And then quickly became an education play-investing in creating video, photo, and blog content. In order to become a leader in their space, it was vital to start publishing the team’s knowledge online in multiple formats.

  • Create a new mobile-first website backed by consumer-trusted content 
  • Integrate an online scheduling system with multiple payment options: major credit card, cash, select cryptocurrencies, and payment installments (interest-free payment plans)
  • Activated automated email marketing solutions to remind customers of promotions, offers, and abounded carts
  • Create a social media marketing plan tailored to the available teams’ strengths to generate free, daily consumable content

The Results (Since June 2021)


  • 53% increase in sales outside of business hours
  • Observed a 16% increase in 5-star reviews left online
  • 6X Gift Certificate Sales

    • 8% month over month increase in email subscribers
    • Increased 17,900+ Online Fans
    • $20,000+ sales generated strictly via email newsletter

    Words From the Client

    “It was exciting making sales on Christmas day when I was nowhere near my shop even. That’s absolutely unheard of!” - Gene Vicari (Founder, Detail Doctors)




    Next Steps

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