5 Automotive Website Design Tips For Beginners

5 Automotive Website Design Tips For Beginners

Even if your auto service shop is the best in the world, reaching new customers can be difficult without a strong online presence. Auto service centers are no exception to consumers looking online for businesses that can assist them with all of their needs. It takes more than a domain and a few sentences to build a website that will attract car owners and convince them that your service center is the best choice.

People have been buying cars in fundamentally different ways in the last decade or so, pushing the automotive industry towards digitalization. In today's society, customers go online rather than go to a dealership for research and shopping, and they expect this process to be convenient and fast. Your automotive company needs a website that stands out and simplifies your customers' lives in an increasingly competitive online market. It is important for your website to reflect the spirit of your organization, but there are some guidelines around which you can build your website to ensure that visitors will have a good experience.


  1. Responsive design

Both dealership and e-commerce websites can be accessed through mobile devices. Your mobile navigation must be seamless in order to make a positive impression on them. Your website can't be slow or cluttered, and you can't afford to lose customers. Websites should function properly on all devices, regardless of whether they are smartphones, txablets, or PCs and laptops. It takes time for people to figure out where information can be found on a dealership's website. Make the website simple and eye-catching.

The website should enable customers to quickly find what they are looking for. In this way, more traffic will be generated! The user experience is enhanced by a well-segmented and easy-to-read home page. The visuals on the home page must be appealing and well-formatted. This increases leads and conversions by allowing customers to see the call to action (CTA) buttons more clearly.

Furthermore, a non-responsive site is less likely to show up on Google's search engine results. According to Google, more than 60% of car searches are initiated through the search engine. It should go without saying that the search engine favors a responsive site. A new framework called Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) guarantees mobile users the best user experience possible. The pages created by AMP are optimized for mobile devices. Users will be rewarded with minimum bounce rates if mobile-friendly pages load fast.


  1. Simple and smooth navigation – a must for automotive website designs

Users should be able to find the content they are seeking on a website with ease by using its navigation. Providing users with a navigable and intuitive experience is what automotive dealers are all about. You can find a vehicle for those who know what they want and those who don't and need some assistance. Search bar skippers usually move directly to product pages, skipping the search bar. A search bar is available to shoppers who are still browsing vehicles. It is important to offer features to both visitor groups regardless of the shopper.


You can improve your automotive website navigation by making the following changes to your website design:

  • Make sure the shoppers can always find what they are looking for
  • A minimal amount of clutter
  • Consistent navigation links
  • Clickable buttons (CTAs)
  • Free text autocomplete search bar
  • The most popular models of vehicles are listed in these sections


  1. Simplicity is Key

Designing an automotive website should follow the minimalism principle for several reasons. Clean web design is easier to navigate than a cluttered one - the first factor is the ease of navigation. Professionalism is the next factor. Websites with pop-ups, sudden sounds, or cluttered designs appear unprofessional and diminish the credibility of your business. Additionally, simpler designs tend to load more quickly, so you'll be able to access your website regardless of the quality or device of your customer.

Luxurious designs are also associated with minimalist design. As a branding opportunity and a guide for what can look attractive on your website, consider the design elements people consider in vehicles. If, for example, you sell utility vehicles, you may wish to use a geometric motif and a green color scheme throughout your website to appeal to your target market. You should also never make it more than three steps for the customer to find what they want. The search function must be easily accessible. Whenever you make changes to a page, verify that the search function is still working.


  1. Think outside the box

It's a competitive industry, and you will be competing with a lot of other websites for potential customers. Your website must be easy to use and pleasing to look at, but it must also be uniquely you. It should stand out from the competition. A well-designed website should accompany a well-designed car. Design plays a crucial role in the auto industry.

Many shoppers place emphasis on the appearance of a vehicle, so the images you use on your website are essential. Automobile websites are great candidates for video backgrounds that feature stock footage. Make sure your videos and photos emphasize the quality of your product. Furthermore, automotive websites can be converted into interactive 3D models by offering customers a variety of viewing angles or even allowing them to explore the features of the car.

Color scheme, font choice, and font size are up to you as long as they are readable and in high contrast. Unlike traditional grid-based layouts, "broken" layouts don't follow a pattern and can be used in some surprising ways. You can reinforce your brand in your customers' minds by choosing a design motif that reflects your business or design principles.


  1. Improve the online shopping experience on your automotive website

Selling over the phone is no longer the norm since we've passed the stage of calling prospective customers. It is much better to call them after they have filled out a form. When a salesperson makes the first contact, he or she won't just sound like a sales representative calling unexpectedly. However, what can be done to make the sales process better?

Make it possible for shoppers to complete some paperwork online instead of in person. Create forms that are optimized. Requesting more information, scheduling test drives, and scheduling service appointments should be handled on a single page with the fewest form fields possible.

To provide customers with an estimate of their monthly payments, you can offer repayment calculators. Provide customers with the option of saving the vehicles they are interested in for later viewing if possible. Customers can alternatively email themselves all vehicle information.

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  • smooth navigation is everything. If a website is hard to navigate and isn’t user friendly I am jumping off it asap!

    Mary D on
  • Before partnering with your company, I barely even had an online presence and creating one for sure helped me gain more customers. I am not creative at all so it also helped to have a company build my site and help me stand out from everyone else.

    Donnie T on
  • I agree with this whole article, especially the simplicity portion. sometimes less is more! I used to have a very cluttered website and your company, raging agency took over and completely elevated it for me! All I want is for my customers to have a positive experience using my site and you guys really helped make that happen

    Elana on
  • My husband and I own an automotive company and I agree with this. One thing that stood out to me was improving the overall online shopping experience. There are many customers that get frustrated with websites and if it is not user-friendly, makes it hard for them to navigate the online shop which could potentially cause a loss of customers. Easy navigation is KEY to keeping your customers online experience good.

    Sherri on

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