Is it Worth It to Hire a Social Media Manager/Agency?

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Do you have social media accounts for your business? Are you struggling to manage them all effectively and successfully? If so, hiring a social media manager or agency might be your best option to get the job done right. Hiring one will allow you to build up relationships with potential clients in ways that you probably wouldn't on your own. 

Reasons To Hire A Social Media Manager/Agency

Here are some of the reasons why it’s worth it to hire an agency or social media manager:

They save you time

Working with a social media manager or agency means that you don't have to dedicate an hour or two every day to figure out which post you should make and when. You can relax and focus on what matters, like running your business. With their knowledge of where your customers hang out online, they'll also be able to maximize your efforts so that you get more bang for your buck. More often than not, hiring a social media manager saves you money in wasted time and lost opportunities. They know what works: Chances are, you don't know everything there is to know about social media – if only because it changes all of the time!

They save you money

Many brands don't realize that having a robust social media presence is a very big investment. To keep your brand relevant and on-trend, you have to make sure that you have a large budget. If you hire an agency or manager, they will be able to handle everything for you and give you great advice about what matters now on social media. They get better results: The most significant reason people hire someone else to manage their social media is that they can't get good results from it on their own. Without having trained professionals take over, there's no guarantee that your brand will stand out in such a crowded marketplace—or even make sales!

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They bring insight.

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You know your customers well if you're a business owner or marketer. Having that deep knowledge is essential to your success. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean you're on-brand 24/7 (we all have bad days). A professional social media manager knows how to create content and help manage it based on their experience working with businesses like yours in similar industries. They also know what works and doesn't when it comes to social media advertising. If you have an objective for your campaign and are unsure whether or not a certain channel will help you reach it, ask!

They can help you avoid lawsuits.

Like it or not, a big part of social media's power comes from legal liability. If someone feels your company wronged them on social media (whether they were or not), they may be more likely to go after you legally. This is especially true if you have less than five employees and don't have a specific social media policy. For example, if a customer tries to communicate with you through Twitter direct message and doesn't receive a response, they could sue you for negligence.

They provide consistency in content production.

Without an agency, it's up to you to manage your social media presence. This can be incredibly challenging if you are not a social media person, don't have time for it, or don't know how to use several different platforms. Even small businesses can benefit from hiring a team that can plan and creates consistent messaging across Facebook, Twitter, etc. The process they take your company through will ensure that your voice is well-represented on all of these channels, resulting in greater visibility and brand awareness.

They do what they say they will do when they say they will do it.

As a business owner, your job is to manage your employees and customers. You don't have time to do it all yourself, so you hired that digital agency or social media manager in the first place. But if they aren't holding up their end of things, what was supposed to be a time-saving solution can become a tremendous headache for both parties. The good news? If you sign on with a reputable firm that does what they say they will do when they say they will do it, you'll never have to worry about not getting results from their services!

They increase your return on investment (ROI).

This is a big one. The best social media campaigns pay off in some way, whether it's an increase in sales, a spike in SEO, or simply more brand awareness and recognition. Unfortunately, not all campaigns have immediate ROI; sometimes, you don't know if it worked or not. You need someone to report back to you on how your campaign is going, how it's performing, and what changes need to be made to keep moving toward your overall goals.

Use your time more efficiently.

It's impossible to be active on every platform and in every group. While that may sound like a good idea, it doesn't consider how much time is required for each platform. By delegating your social media tasks, you can spend more time focusing on larger goals and working towards more fruitful results. By hiring someone to do your social media, not only will you free up your time, but you'll also have someone who understands exactly what you want to achieve from those channels - increasing both effectiveness and efficiency. Instead of trying to answer questions or perform tasks via email or over Slack, get back to work on other important items that require your attention!

Have someone who cares about your success as much as you do.

When you run your own business, it's hard to care about anything else. If you're trying to get more out of social media marketing, though, you need someone with an objective perspective on how to make things happen. Hiring an experienced social media manager or agency could help kickstart a stagnant presence or even breathe new life into one that hasn't evolved for years. A recent study by Sprout Social found that 76% of consumers are now using more than three platforms—and if you can keep up with those changes, so can your customers. While hiring someone isn't cheap and doesn't guarantee success (but then again, neither does doing it yourself), it might be worth considering before leaving your pages unattended.

Get access to people with knowledge of social media marketing.

Although there are tons of social media marketing resources out there, it’s not easy to find reliable people who have experience working in your industry, so one solution is to hire a consultant or agency. If you decide to go with an outside company, do some research. Ask for references and check their reputation online (if they're legitimate). For example, check if they're on LinkedIn and see what kind of jobs they claim to have worked on before yours. Then ask yourself whether these people really would recommend that you work with them or not. Remember: Google can provide insight into how trustworthy someone is, so use it!

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  • Before hiring a social manager, my postings were not getting nearly as much engagement and now they are doing great and bringing traffic to my website

    Lauren on
  • Hired raging agency to help run my finance firm and its soooo helpful. def saves a lot of time so I can focus on getting my own work done.

    V on
  • I have had you guys hired for a year now and my sales are waaaayyyy higher than they’d ever be without it so yeah I would agree 100% worth it

    James on
  • They do save money. At first, it’s an investment but managers know exactly how to make you money from social media so it’s worth it. Investment pays for itself.🏆

    Callahan M on
  • Def worth it. Your business will thrive if you have the right knowledgeable people working with your social media. social media can be hard to finagle these days because everyone’s on it, so if you want to grow big, a manager is one of the best ways to go

    Jenna on

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