Depending on the size, complexity and, most critically, the client’s active involvement in the process, a website takes anywhere between 3 and 24 weeks to build and launch. The average site we build typically takes 2-6 weeks, or 6-12 weeks if it is fully custom from scratch.
We primarily focus on building sites with Shopify.
We really enjoy the flexibility Shopify provides when it comes to design and app integrations, their 24/7 customer support, technical reliability, and their mobile application that empowers their users to become more active within their online business.
We’re always here to help! We can cover emergencies and non-emergencies alike. Just be sure to give us as many details as possible about the problem: the browser you were using when you noticed the problem, your computer’s operating system, time of day, what actions you were performing, what device you were using when you saw the problem, etc. For sites hosted with Shopify, we recommend contacting them directly as it is possible (but very uncommon) that their servers may be down.
Yes! In fact, if we built your website, we’d really love to handle maintenance. We’re going to be the party most intimately familiar with how your website works, and are going to be on top of upgrades and patches to keep the site in top shape.
Yes! We design fast, mobile-friendly sites that are made to show up on Google and convert readers into buyers. A big piece of the puzzle is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and we require all of our clients to consider their content strategy plan prior to us beginning on any project.

If they don't have a plan, we'll talk it through and let them know their options so they have the best shot at landing on the first page of Google.
Plans begin at $1 per day, but can quickly go up depending on these factors:
1. Number of employees 2. Advertising Budget 3. 3rd party applications 4. Content + Email Marketing
We develop content and strategies for: Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Google, and Pinterest.
If you are a current customer of Raging, this should never happen. However, we are here to support you in any way possible. This includes recovering your account and regularly running security checks on your accounts to ensure no foul play.
In most cases, yes, we will require your login information, including passwords.