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Miami, Florida’s Premier Facebook Ads Strategy for General Contractors & Local Businesses. Tap into the vast audience of social media, elevate your brand, and achieve tangible ROI with our expert campaigns.

In Miami, Florida, and its neighboring cities like Coral Gables, Hialeah, and Aventura, our team specializes in top-tier Facebook Ads strategies tailored to a diverse range of niches. Whether you’re in automotive, dentistry, HVAC, landscaping, pest control, plumbing, roofing, or the restaurant business, we’ve got you covered. We also work closely with general contractors, remodelers, home builders, solar companies, and more, ensuring that your brand gets the spotlight it deserves. Experience tangible ROI as we harness the power of targeted Facebook advertising to elevate your brand. Make the most of Miami’s bustling market with our expert campaigns

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Raging Agency masters Facebook Ads in Miami and neighboring cities, optimizing potential for businesses across niches such as



Electrical Services

General Contractors



Pest Control






Home Builders


& More..

With Raging Agency’s mastery of Facebook Ads, we’ve elevated thousands of businesses to impressive sales peaks, driving significant revenue. Explore our compelling Facebook Ads case studies to witness the transformative outcomes.

Check Out and Onboarding

Initiating each Facebook Ads campaign is empowered by our user-friendly self-checkout feature online. Introducing a new or returning client effectively is crucial for establishing a positive foundation. Undoubtedly, initial interactions play a pivotal role in building trust and understanding. A streamlined onboarding journey is essential. Your team requires basic information, along with more specific insights, for a successful launch.

Below are examples of what those requirements might be. 

  • Grant our team access to your META account 

  • Ensure we have an email to correspond with the client 

  • Permit entry to any third-party analytics or sales instruments 

  • Supply branding resources, including logos and other vital business assets 

  • Share past marketing documentation 

  • Authorize website entry for our team

What are the next steps? 



Our streamlined onboarding comprises three stages that facilitate swift client integration, especially when everything is in place upon registration.

DAYS 2-7


After obtaining access to your Facebook tools, our team delves into research, evaluation, and strategizing a blueprint for your campaign, which also involves an immediate opportunities assessment for rapid results.

DAYS 8-30


Activities and their executions are spread across the remaining month and will continue thereafter. A prompt update will be sent to you as each task is finished, ensuring you remain in the loop at every juncture.

DAYS 31-35


In the initial four working days of each month, we dedicate time to curate detailed client reports. You’ll receive a direct link to your monthly overview and associated dashboards, allowing you to go through them before our scheduled monthly review call.

Timeline and Expectations


– A high-performing landing page is essential unless opting to purchase a new one.

– Preliminary campaign indicators for fine-tuning strategy often showcase a boost in clicks and CTR even before the uptick in lead performance, indicating we’re on a promising trajectory.

– Partners consent to grant Facebook Ads access, courtesy of Raging Agency.

– A Facebook Ads account should be operational, and a credit card designated for expenses should be linked before the onboarding process. Any lapses here might cause delays.

– Should there have been a previous campaign, it’s beneficial to furnish the list of negative keywords and the campaign’s historical data for a thorough assessment.

Launch Roadmap:

– Step 1: Initial onboarding discussion & sharing of prerequisites.

– Step 2: Submission of keywords for validation/approval.

– Step 3: Ad content shared for feedback/approval.

– Step 4: Construction of the Facebook Ads campaign.

– Step 5: Inception of the campaign.

– Step 6: Week 1 Progress Review.

– Step 7: Week 2 Progress Check.

– Step 8: Week 3 Progress Analysis.

– Day 30: Conclusion of monthly assignments.

– Day 35: Monthly summary shared & an invitation for a review discussion extended.

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